Our Coaches


I started riding motorcycles when I was in my early twenties and it has been an important part of my life ever since.  Whether I’m on the street or in the dirt, riding a motorcycle has always been a stress release for me.  It allows me to put on hold the daily routines and just concentrate on me and the motorcycle, striving to improve my skills every time I ride.

I am proud to be an MSF RiderCoach. Not only do I want to see more people on motorcycles, but I want them to become confident in their riding skills so that they can truly enjoy the motorcycling experience. 


My love of riding started at the age of 6. I have ridden mini bikes, 1970’s enduros, ‘70’s and 80’s CB750s, and now a Kawasaki Vulcan 900. 

Through the years I have developed a philosophy of “I’d rather be on two wheels than in four.” The one thing I have learned is that as a motorcyclist my safety is totally in my hands. So, the more I know the safer I become. 

I want to help as many riders as I can, new and experienced, to be safe. Motorcycling is consistently the most fun thing in my life and I hope to pass that on to others.


As a child, I couldn't wait for my feet to touch the pegs and took many naps on the back of my dad's '91 Kawasaki Concours. In 2009, I finally got my motorcycle license and have been riding as far as I can ever since. 

Currently, I ride a '19 BMW F850GS and have really enjoyed taking advanced training more regularily. Motorcycling really gets better the more you know. This year I look forward to more off roading trips.

As a RiderCoach, I want to help others discover the wonderful world of motorcycling and what it holds for them. I also strive to support women riders better.