Experienced RiderCourse 

For riders who already have basic skills. Similar to the BRC except speeds are higher and you should be on your own motorcycle. An excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing riding skills. Includes an informal classroom component for discussing safety concepts based on past riding experiences and current knowledge. Successful completion of this course (consisting of a two-hour eCourse, three hours of formal classroom activities, and five hours of riding instruction conducted over one day, plus knowledge and skill tests) waives the license test in Colorado. The course may also earn you an insurance discount. 

Class Information

 👤 8 people 🕒 11 hrs (5 hr eCourse, 6 hrs on the range) 

Class Location

Montrose, CO

(Classroom - McNeil Classroom)

(Riding - McNeil Parking Lot)


Class times are approximate and could go shorter or longer than indicated. We typically send an email reminder 24-48 hours prior to class. If any class doesn't meet the minimum of four students, it may be rescheduled.

General Information

Who Should Take This Class:


What to Expect:

What to Bring:

What you MUST Wear:

If you must reschedule and fail to contact us at least 72 hours before the start of your class, a $75 rescheduling fee will be applied. Please contact Ace Rider Motorcycle School so that we are made aware of any special medical requirements or other special considerations that may be required.